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Depending on what they sell, every business needs counter display boxes. They come in different forms and sizes. You can get them in round, square, or rectangular forms. Their popular production materials are cardboard, kraft paper, and bux board. The thickness of these materials can be anywhere from 10pt to 28pt. They will last longer and won’t hurt the Earth.

Brands can get these boxes with die-cut windows, custom inserts, and multiple sections. The way they are printed can also make them look better. It has the brand’s name and logo printed on it. They have graphics, pictures, and artwork printed on them. There are different ways to finish them to make them look better. These embellishments include coatings, foiling, embossing, debossing, PVC, and others.

All brands need counter display boxes to draw their ideal customers. There are many different kinds of products that all brands have to show in stores. By putting these items on display, each brand can get buyers’ interest. These boxes should be great if you want to get more buyers’ attention. Here we will describe some of the innovative designs of display packaging.

Innovative designs of counter display boxes 

The following are various counter display box designs:

  • Pop counter display tray boxes

The Pop counter display tray packaging is a great way to show off products at trade shows, events, or even just in grocery stores and other retail shops. It can also help you sell more of your products. They can also come with the brand or product images, names, and all the other needed information on the back plate and all the different box walls. You can also have advanced control over customization, different types of cardstock, printing, surface finishing, and sizes and die-cut shapes. You can also get pop counter top display boxes with the printing elements you want. 

  • Self-locked counter display tray boxes

The large centre trays have solid walls that are tucked away, and the counter display tray can lock itself. Its back plate is stylish and can be changed to fit your needs. It stands tall and can hold stacks of items or bigger products. Most brands manufacture them from materials that are rigid and resistant to bending. They can also come with enticing printing and surface finishing. Small chocolates, sweets, and a few useful items have never looked better on your store counter displays than when they were packed in the perfect self-locked counter display tray box. Hence, you can also customize it to fit your needs.

  • Auto panel display box with a lid 

The auto-lock at the bottom of these retail counter display boxes makes it easier to put them together. The difference is that they have a little more room in the display tuck panel lid and a crease in the middle of the top that makes it easy to fold up the cover. You can also fold the box flat and then stretch it back into shape. These boxes with display lids are a great way to package up new brands and products that have just come out. Their top lid is long that you can fold it into a double flap. You can also get in touch with the best supplier to buy the best boxes for your needs.

  • Tuck Top Side Lock Display Box

A side lock tuck top display box can hold a wide range of items. It can keep products inside safe from a variety of physical dangers. The materials used to make it are stronger and less likely to bend or tear. They also come with waterproof lamination to keep wetness and water out. Aside from that, it has special placeholders and inserts.

It can also have die-cut windows to help boost sales and bring more attention to the product. It is made from materials that are reusable and biodegradable. Their shapes are so cool that they stand out from everyone else. There are coatings, foiling, and other decorations that can help to make them look better. You can also get these custom display boxes with the desired customization.

  • Easer Counter Display 

When a business wants to sell something, it needs to show it to the public. There are a lot of ways to package and show off different items. The best way to show off and advertise different products is with an easel counter display. Depending on what each shop wants, they may get them in different sizes and shapes.

They may contain the name of the product or a list of its manufacturing ingredients. There may also be the name of the company. They can also have the company’s logo and slogan on them. They can come with related pictures and graphics to show what the product is. There are many extra features that can add to their beauty and charm. Some of these extras are coatings, silver or gold foiling, embossing, PVC, and a lot more.

How to use counter display boxes to captivate buyers?

The following are some tips to customize this packaging to attract more buyers.

  • Highlight the advantages of the product. 

Do you know what makes someone more likely to purchase a product? You can use branded display boxes in a variety of ways to increase the sales of your products. The way you arrange your merchandise in the retail outlet can have an important impact on how well it sells. Packaging can also highlight the benefits of your products in an effort to persuade customers to purchase them.

They include the item’s name and a list of its functions. For instance, it may have a list of the ingredients, what makes them healthy, and how much energy they contain if you want to sell food. Similarly, it can come with pricing, expiration dates, and other details. Therefore, these cardboard display boxes can highlight the benefits of the product and aid in its increased sales.

  • Utilize environmentally friendly materials. 

The world has been severely harmed by a number of human actions. The waste from packaging has altered how people and other living things live. Therefore, packaging waste has grown to be a major issue on a global scale. A display box is ideal in this situation because it is eco-friendly. Its constituent parts can be disassembled and used again. On Earth, they don’t accumulate and disintegrate into smaller pieces. These more basic components deteriorate and mix with the soil.

As a result, cardboard counter top boxes can contribute much to maintaining a clean and safe atmosphere. They are currently the best choice for many brands due to their eco-friendliness. They have assisted numerous businesses in abiding by the law. Finally, it aids in building a solid reputation for brands in the marketplace. Environmentally conscious consumers will favour purchasing products that come in environmentally friendly packaging.


Innovative designs of Custom packaging bxoes can help you make products prominent in stores. We have explained different innovative designs that you can use for your products. You can also personalize them to make your products noticeable in retail outlets. We have also explained how you can customize them to captivate more shoppers and boost sales.

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